Saturday 4 December 2021
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Save Elephants from mass killing

save elephants

African Elephant

Save elephants

While you are reading this article there is an elephant has been killed by ivory-seeking poachers somewhere In Africa. According to National Academy Of Sciences, 100.000 elephants have been killed by ivory-seeking poachers in just three years. Its One of the horrible facts that every animal activist, and even every human should know. An elephant is being killed every 15 minutes. The worse fact is Africa lost almost 65% of its elephants in the past decade. Roughly one of every 12 African elephants was killed somewhere in Africa by ivory-seeking poachers. The info graphic below shows the statistics, check the info-graphic.


save elephants - info graphic massacare

Info graphic of the elephants massacre took place over 40 years of killing. Save elephants now, 60% was lost due to illegal kills every day


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