Saturday 4 December 2021
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Stop America Trophy Hunting – Shocking Numbers Of Dead Animals Every Year

New Analysis is revealing shocking numbers about America trophy hunting habit. The Study is produced by Animal Humane Society.

Sport hunters have imported more than 1.26 million trophies to U.S. in the past years from 2005 till now. Wildlife Service’s have import that little piece of data that says a lot about mass killing that made by sport hunters, who are killing animals for recreation rather than out of necessity.

Sport hunters say their activities support conservation by boosting local economies and providing incentives for the preservation of land and wildlife for high-paying hunters.

Conservationists, animal welfare advocates, and many scientists, however, say trophy hunting puts pressure on vulnerable populations, disrupts social networks, and doesn’t pump up local economies as much as hunters argue. Many also argue that destroying wildlife for pleasure is unethical.

“What we hope the report accomplishes is that we shed light on the scale of the role we play in killing some of the world’s vulnerable and endangered species,” said Masha Kalinina, an international trade policy specialist at Humane Society International.



Another surprising fact of the report from Animal Humane Society says that the biggest source of trophy import is Canada. Canada is on the border of the U.S., as well it offers iconic North American species such as grizzly bears, moose, wolves and black bears.

For the same reason of being close, Mexico as well is one of the biggest destinations for sport hunting. The hunting industry in Mexico valued at about two hundred millions of U.S Dollars, according to Humane society, with hunting ranches in operation close to 4,000.

“Mexico really incentivizes U.S. hunters to come over,” Kalinina said. “The affordability of that type of hunt is really what appeals to U.S. hunters.”


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